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What is meditation? What are the benefits of meditation and techniques for newbies to begin with?

What is meditation? What are the benefits of meditation?

Let it unfold in this blog.

“Awareness is aliveness.”


In my previous blog, I did mention about humans having a certain level of mental energy. In the present day, this energy is getting sapped by various monsters whom we have given the control, and it’s your biggest enemy if it controls you. The mind is your greatest friend if you control it. Meditation is a utility tool which can overcome these distractions and the ill-effects rising from them— moving ahead with meditation.

How meditation helps- Keeping in calm.
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How to be optimized in life using Dopamine Fasting

As promised in my previous post, I am back with a new one.

Dopamine is one of the brain’s neurotransmitters- A chemical which ferries information between neurons. Dopamine helps to regulate movement, attention, learning and emotional responses.

It also enables us not to see rewards but to take action to move toward them. Since dopamine contributes to the feeling of pleasures and satisfaction as part of the reward system, the neurotransmitter also plays a part in addiction.

Role of Dopamine in our daily life

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How to Master Your Pituitary Gland for An Awesome Life

Here is my new post as promised in previous one

A small introduction on what is a pituitary gland? It’s a pea-sized endocrine gland found at the base of the brain. This gland controls several other endocrine glands it’s called the “Master Gland”. It controls metabolism, blood pressure, body growth of the individual, thyroid gland etc. The pituitary gland also controls childbirth some extent and pregnancy. It constitutes of two lobes:  Anterior and Posterior Pituitary. The anterior pituitary regulates process like growth and stress. The posterior pituitary secretes and stores important hormones controlling endocrine glands.

How to master your pituitary gland

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