Six Pillars of Life Which Will Make You Impressive

What is life? Life is a characteristic which differentiates the entities according to the processes like breathing, signalling, digestion etc. With the help amongst the living beings, humans have mastered the skills like communication, reasoning, thinking, being wise etc. enabling us to go beyond our primal instincts. Unfortunately, with time people have lost their way due to ignorance thereby creating an abyssal divide inside them and amongst each other. As Gautama Buddha said, “The cause of all pain and suffering is ignorance.”

Six Pillars of Life are

Physical being:

Physical being is the most visible component as in a person. The upcoming five pillars of life will describe this physical being. As going by the principle- the First impression is the last impression. The physical traits are the first thing to get in the eyes. Now coming to the present scenario, people have come a long way from hunters and gatherers to sedentary life due to various facilities available at the tip or better say tap of the fingers on screens. All work and no play are just making everyone a bag of illnesses which can be easily prevented. Our physical being houses factors like physical activities, flexibility, diet, sleep, addictions and medical self-care.


Spirituality is the most abstract thing to explain. But in a living being this isn’t ignored . It’s an essence, the sense of being wholesome, finding hope, inner peace of life and comfort. Its love and respect for Mother Earth, therefore, love and respect for nature and other beings. Everyone can define Spirituality in their terms. Improving our spiritual health might not cure our acute illnesses but it can prevent us from the chronic ones. Since it helps with inner peace and comfort even in the tough times. It acts as an anchor of a ship in a rough sea, keeping us grounded in the moments of highs and lows.


Intellect is the characteristic of the mind to solve problems. And come to correct conclusions for what is real and true. For the development of Intellect, experience plays a very vital role in its formation. People can gain intellectual enlightenment and better their behavioral patterns to react appropriately and reasonably through life-solving problems. For the development of intellect, dissatisfaction from the outcome of a particular situation and the urge to find its solution is encouraged. Searching the solution of real-life problem enriches the human database of attributes of reality. It’s a branch of intelligence which only deals with logical and rational side. Therefore, it’s considered to be limited to facts since it doesn’t involve any emotions.


Emotion is a state associated in the nervous system which is brought on by the way we react to thoughts, behavioural responses, feelings and degree of pleasure or displeasure in the form of chemical reactions or changes. In nutshell, it’s a negative or positive response to a particular pattern of psychological activity. There are six types of emotions:

  • Happiness- The most pleasant state which people strive the most.
  • Sadness- An unpleasant state of emotion characterized by dampening of the mood.
  • Fear- It plays an important role in survival which triggers the flight or fight response.
  • Disgust- Turning away from an object, person or a situation after feeling unpleasant.
  • Anger- Strong emotion characterized by feelings of hostility, frustration etc.
  • Surprise- Psychological startle following something unexpected.

These 6 emotions further can be used to create combining emotions too. Emotions play a critical role in our lives. Therefore, a person needs to be in control of his/her emotions to avoid unnecessary complications in life.


The society describes a bond or interaction between people which is friendly or at least civil. The world did move from hunting and gathering, pastoral, horticulture, agrarian, feudal, industrial to post-industrial. The post-industrial society is dominated by high technology, information and services than the production of the goods. The services include government, health, law, research, education, sales and banking. Society is made by humans but this creation moulds humans every day. In the present age of information, the technology has separated the dear ones living with you and it united the people who are living far away.


Its the abundance of valuable physical possessions or financial assets which can be converted into a form of transaction. Wealth is firstly very much related to the person’s tendency to buy things from shops or internet, whether he/she is an impulsive buyer or not. Secondly, it’s the level of financial literacy which determines the ability to multiply the income. Multiple sources of income are better than one because in the age of automation and unwillingness to upgrade the skills, people are on the verge of losing their jobs.

The idea to write about this little piece of information came up as I started to live in paid accommodation after leaving my hostel during my college days. People were like unguided missiles, no control over their life as such. It did scare me a lot and ensured myself to the path of self-improvement to not to survive like them but thrive. In my upcoming posts, I will try to deal with each of the six pillars. Stays tuned for this space and feel free to write your opinions below in the comments section.

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