How to be optimized in life using Dopamine- My Experience

Valuable new insights gained about my life as mentioned in the previous post.

Before starting my dopamine fast, I set the intention to use this day as a moment to think critically about my life. What was I doing well? What are the best upcoming steps? How can I be making the changes soon? These kinds of stuff. And finally, because my mind wasn’t bust with processing the past memes on social media or latest cookery video, I could use all of its power to direct it towards thinking deeply about my life. Throughout the day, ideas would pop up, new insights emerged and I was able on what I was doing well and what my next steps should be.

I felt my brain was operating in a higher gear. Almost as if I could utilize more of my brainpower than I could. This was because the brain had a limited amount of inputs it had been getting during dopamine fasting. Therefore, more focus was available on thinking deeply about one topic.

My thoughts finally felt like my own, I had control over my thoughts. Other days I am busy with social media, games binge-watching on Netflix, I felt like I have no control over my thoughts. It isn’t uncommon for me to experience stressful, negative and lots of random thoughts. During dopamine fast, my thoughts were more in control, calmer and more authentic. That’s a pretty good feeling to have.

Brain’s craving for a dopamine hit from sugar and fats.

Before starting the dopamine fast, I thought that not eating for 24 hours was going to be the hardest part of this entire challenge- but I was proved completely wrong. I was barely feeling hungry. Only about 5-6 times I experienced a wave of 30 seconds of hunger. But my brain was craving for dopamine hits of food- especially sugary snack and high trans-unsaturated fat food. Even though I normally eat very healthy, I could notice the difference in how my body didn’t need to process any food during my dopamine fast. Throughout the day, I had consistent levels of energy without any crash and my body felt very light.

Realization of how much time we do waste on our daily lives

One of the insights I got during my fast was that we are wasting so much of our time. We have so much time in a day to do amazing things and make real progress. Only if we didn’t numb, distract and choke ourselves with weapons of mass distractions. We are addicted to fake pleasures that take our focus away from the things we desire. All we do is waste an insane amount of time on social media, Netflix or playing video games. I think there are a time and place for doing this type of activities but not for hours and hours a day. Try to trade one hour of entertainment for one hour of reading, following courses, creating new things or simply reflecting your life and goals. Start one hour per day. That alone has the power to massively change your life over a year.

Now do it yourself!

I’ve written my journal during my dopamine fast:

This dopamine fast gives you the necessary space to reflect, plan, strategize and think deeply. It creates clarity and should be done by anyone unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed or stuck in life. It should be done by anyone just to see what comes up! This day will shine a light on your next steps and the things that are off in your life.

This is the reason I recommend the 24-hour dopamine fast to anyone. Feel free to adjust some of the rules if they intimidate you. Maybe trade the ‘no eating’ rule for ‘eating strictly organic foods’ to make it more accessible to you. Nevertheless, I highly encourage you to try it for yourself and see what you come up with.

Let me know if you plan on doing dopamine fast yourself and if you already did it, let me know how it went in the comments.

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