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To share everything with you that I’ve learnt to help me get my life back on the track in various aspects of life. Be patient with yourself. Self-Growth is tender.

What makes Stoicism the greatest mind hack? A guide to Stoicism and list of exercises on how to be a Stoic.

Right before starting with — what makes Stoicism the greatest mind hack? This quote is going to provide you with essence about Stoicism-

Death is the shadow of life which gives the light to life.

what makes stoicism the greatest mind hack
What makes stoicism the greatest mind hack?
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How to improve yourself? A guide to mindset before improving yourself.

Congratulate yourself for searching this query of “How to improve on yourself?” I am saying this because you identified your mistakes from your past. And now you want to learn about how to make your future bright by taking actions in the present.

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground.”

-Stephen Covey

how to improve on yourself
How to improve on yourself?
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What is meditation? What are the benefits of meditation and techniques for newbies to begin with?

What is meditation? What are the benefits of meditation?

Let it unfold in this blog.

“Awareness is aliveness.”


In my previous blog, I did mention about humans having a certain level of mental energy. In the present day, this energy is getting sapped by various monsters whom we have given the control, and it’s your biggest enemy if it controls you. The mind is your greatest friend if you control it. Meditation is a utility tool which can overcome these distractions and the ill-effects rising from them— moving ahead with meditation.

How meditation helps- Keeping in calm.
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What is semen retention? A guide on the benefits of semen retention and the science behind it.

What is semen retention? How can it improve your life? Before that, let me begin with a quote.

Yoga Shastras say “Maranam Bindu Patanat Jivanam Bindu Raksanat” means “Falling of semen brings death; preservation of semen gives life. It is the hidden treasure in man. It imparts Brahma-Tejas (brightness) and strength to intellect.”

What is semen retention? Credits:
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My Review for Digital Deepak Internship Program

Are you a Digital Marketer? 

Do you have a big bunch of certificates and credentials but no hands-on experience? 

Are you unable to start campaigns for your objectives and get Return of Investment(ROI) from your campaigns?

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3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak: Week 4

After a week of break, I am back with a new blog post regarding digital marketing. Previous week was about 7 psychological trigger. This week it’s Deepak Kanakaraju about personal branding and how to make it better.

Focus on one thing:

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3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak: Week 2

Watching the week 2 video thrice and going through a couple of sample assignments as I was about to start typing for my assignment, I get a ping on my cell phone from Deepak to check for the email telling about my Week 1 score, feedback and where do I stand amongst the crowd.

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3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak: Week 1

I am an absolute fresher in the field of Digital Marketing. Completed the basic certifications required to be called as a Digital Marketer. Deep within I knew I don’t have hands-on experience of this field and by God’s grace I found Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak. Here one can primarily get the hands-on experience in it. Introduction of the paid internship with chance to recover the investment by completing the assigned tasks in timely fashion made me register for this program. A brief introduction of Deepak Kanakaraju, a pioneer in Digital Marketing in Bangalore and co-founder of PixelTrack Digital Pvt Ltd.

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How to be optimized in life using Dopamine- My Experience

Valuable new insights gained about my life as mentioned in the previous post.

Before starting my dopamine fast, I set the intention to use this day as a moment to think critically about my life. What was I doing well? What are the best upcoming steps? How can I be making the changes soon? These kinds of stuff. And finally, because my mind wasn’t bust with processing the past memes on social media or latest cookery video, I could use all of its power to direct it towards thinking deeply about my life. Throughout the day, ideas would pop up, new insights emerged and I was able on what I was doing well and what my next steps should be.

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