About Me


Welcome to my blog, and this is Rhythm Bhardwaj from India. The various experiences which helped me get my life back on the track in multiple aspects of it. The sole purpose of the blog is to share with you everything that I learnt till now.

I am an electrical electronics engineering graduate but a footballer by heart. I took up training in digital marketing. Content, social media marketing and search engine optimization attracted my attention towards them. But I am still very much into the habit of improving myself and sharing the experiences after applying the concepts on myself first-hand.

Marketing is the art of selling, whether it’s a product to a customer or a potential employee himself/herself to a recruiter. Therefore as a marketer myself, I do understand that:

I fare idea about the research of the target audience in the niches: self-improvement, wedding photographer, FinTech, RegTech, Compliance Management and digital marketing. I understand that without getting to know his target audience, his marketing effort would be like just throwing stones in the dark.

Content creation is the mother of digital marketing. Therefore curation of content which resonates with the questions that are inside my target audience’s head is crucial. From blog posts, memes, gifs and curating social media posts according to the target audience and testing the warm waters in the audience segments. And most of them have resonated nicely with my audience.

It would be a blunder nowadays to assume things and not to commit to testing. Everything being getting digitized and becoming data-driven, in my opinion, it’s a suicide to consider rather than testing content. Whether it would be posting, landing pages or offers; we can test out multiple things in a single go.

In this ever-changing and fast-paced scenario, things ought to get redundant in a short period. Being a digital marketer prefer to be in a constant learning mode via YouTube videos, blog posts and podcasts of various well established marketed; attend their webinars etc.

With the roots of technology spreading, there has been an advent of software products which helps us to overcome the load of menial, repetitive work which is well known as automation. Being a digital marketer, I do understand the importance of automation; it helped me in sending emails in bulk, maintain the email list and scheduling the posts for the future.

With the ever-decreasing attention span of web surfers (thanks to the internet again), the importance of creating top-notch content is as vital as never before. I have an idea about copywriting since I did create my e-commerce store with 15 products in it. Plus two landing pages have been created for my internship under Deepak.

Nowadays, every offline store/service is trying to establish itself in the digital space. Now with ever-increasing websites coming up, the competition ought to increase. Moreover reducing attention span, it becomes challenging to attain the awareness of the web surfers. Therefore the art of storytelling is becoming very crucial. I have published ads and posts which have driven traffic to the website and footfall to the studio.

Being an electrical engineer plus a digital marketer, I don’t feel uncomfortable with the numbers. In the data-driven age, these numbers would not only help in making data-driven decisions but also provide ample light for content curation, optimization according to the performance of ads, deliver specific and identifiable results.