3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak: Week 4

After a week of break, I am back with a new blog post regarding digital marketing. Previous week was about 7 psychological trigger. This week it’s Deepak Kanakaraju about personal branding and how to make it better.

Focus on one thing:

focus on one thing at a time
Focus on one thing at a time.

All of us have heard that “Aces of all is master of none.”

Try to specialize in one stream, it gives credibility and reputation!

This is because it’s good to dig 1 inch wide and 1 kilometre deep rather than 1 kilometre wide and 1 inch deep.

Just be like a stamp, stick to whatever it’s made to stick.

This focusing on one thing can be verified by Pareto’s Principle:

Focus on 20% to get 80% of the job done. For example, in a company 80% of revenue comes from 20% of the customer base; 80% of the job is usually done by 20% of the employees.

In the case of digital marketing, for an unknown person to know you can showcase your services to your client for their objectives.

While pitching about courses would instil a sense of authority of you. What is being preached is being preached.

Focus on building a personal brand:

focus on building a personal brand
Focus on building a personal brand.

A personal brand is a relationship with you, an individual who exists separately from your company. 

The process of personal branding involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them.

It makes anything 10 times easier. The network is net worth and network increases with bettering of the personal brand.

With credibility comes the personal brand which is the result of the compound effect in the future.

In digital marketing, your blog is your brand. Whether video or your blog, the content needs to be useful for your visitors. This process will take time.

Personal Branding Funnel:

personal branding funnel
Personal Branding Funnel.
  • Awareness: In digital space, a person in a remote part of the world wouldn’t get to know by itself if you exist. Therefore the first step is to create content and post it on social media handles. Provide more value to your visitors with your content.
  • Credibility: Credibility does only come from the value to your visitors from your content. Their reviews/ testimonials would help you to gain credibility. Just keep showing this to your new visitors to your website.
  • Reputation: With your hard work to provide value with your content to your visitors, credibility is ought to increase. With increasing credibility over time, it galvanizes to an immovable asset i.e. reputation.
  • Fame: And finally reputation gets rooted to become famous.

Don’t be dependent on someone else’s channel:

don’t be dependent on someone else’s channel
Don’t be dependent on someone else’s channel.

In digital space, your blog post is your brand. Period!

This website/blog post is your property. In case you want to build your dream house, you would prefer to build it on your land rather than leased land, isn’t it?

Therefore we can safely assume awareness, credibility and reputation can’t be built on someone else’s platform. Here the platforms being talked about are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

With ever-increasing users on these platforms, the reach gets plunges for the algorithms getting complex to provide better content with the passing days.

Website and email list of the visitors is your biggest asset because any email sent by you is will reach their email id. These two provide a level playing field.

Getting the leads in form of email id is the mail deal up in here.

Now with your content, use their reviews/testimonials on social media platforms using your visitors.

Experimentation is the key:

experimentation is the key
Experimentation is the key.

With every changing landscape of digital space, there isn’t any clear roadmap.

It’s a deep jungle and you need to test continuously and create your path.

Taking risk is the only key! Not reckless but calculated ones.

Blogging and personal branding will have a compounded effect over time.

Deepak concluded that in the present digital age, this is the widest approach to better the personal branding one can think about.

Stay tuned for Week 5.

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