3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak: Week 2

Watching the week 2 video thrice and going through a couple of sample assignments as I was about to start typing for my assignment, I get a ping on my cell phone from Deepak to check for the email telling about my Week 1 score, feedback and where do I stand amongst the crowd.

My expectation was sub 100 rank amongst 300 submissions. But I got my guess wrong about the total number of submissions made.

feedback for the assignment
Feedback for the assignment.

I will amend my mistakes and try to better the quality of the posts as required. Now instead of reclaiming the money on weekly completion of assignments, I want to position myself better from now on.

Sneak peek into my Keyword Research from Week 1 which didn’t get published. One cannot improve if you can’t measure.

keyword research
keyword research

The major take away from this session are as follows:

Deepak announces that the completion rate of 87% for Week 1 assignment. Very impressive statistics for the positive pressure created by rewarding and scoring system (carrots/sticks) of the program. 

One quote which I going to stick with me is that the human brain isn’t designed for multi-tasking. Distraction does more damage to it than drugs.

Learn > Do > Teach

the concept of learn, do and teach
The concept of learn, do and teach.

Deepak starts with his Golden Triangle Principle about Learn, Do and Teach.

He said as we learn new things the information is unorganized and in the fuzzy state.

Now if we implement the knowledge the unorganized information starts to get organized. 

Since we have been writing our blogs, the visitors would’ve gained something out of it and given their views on the blog article. This crystallises the information in the brain nicely. 

Mistakes are future-benefits

failures are stepping stepping stones to success
Failures are stepping stepping stones to success.

Many interns in the group have written their first blog and perfect output can’t be realised in the first go. How you communicate with your blog will have some deficiencies. Such deficiencies can be overcome with practicing over time by writing.

With continuous practice one can improve learning, writing and thereby communication with viewers/customers. Therefore mistakes are future benefits and their values are yet to be realised.

Marketing is about good conversation

converse to market good
Converse to market good.

The conversation had always been a two-way process, it’s about active speaking and listening too. You will only be good marketer only if you can have a good conversation.

Again, if a marketer can’t have a good conversation with one person there are no chances that he/she could strike a good conversation with many people.

Deepak cites his example of his emails being sent to us for any sought of communication. It seems as if he is only trying to communicate with us. Since email inbox is a private space, the writing style of the email should always be one-to-one.

Be authentic to communicate better

be authentic for better communication
Be authentic for better communication.

If you want to become a better communicator you need to be authentic. A person has various social personas according to his surroundings- family, friends and colleagues.

In turn, to be authentic one needs to make these lines thinner between various personas one posses.

A person can do this by speaking his heart out in a tactful manner, people are ought to get offended most of the times but it’s OK because it will develop you to become an authentic communicator.

With growing authenticity this you will help you become a better communicator and in turn a better marketer.

Who is a better marketer?

become a better marketer
Become a better marketer.

A marketer with more of life experience is a better one. Now you might think about how?

A person with more life experience like that of travelling, trying out new foods, trying to learn new languages, trying to know about the lifestyle and culture of the population in a new place etc. 

This person is ought to have more and rich life experience and he/she has the urge to share it with everyone and for a marketer, this urge is very important.

Now many introvert or even ambivert might feel like fish out of water…

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

As many of us would’ve heard nothing grows in the comfort zone-

Please get out of your comfort zone! If you are scared of going alone somewhere then go on a solo trip.

If you have a stage fear please get in front of a group of people and speak your minds out.

I bet none is going to eat you up if you fail, is it?

Challenge what you already know and this creates new beliefs and way of thinking. Learn, unlearn and relearn is the motto a marketer should be living by.

Who is your audience?

finding the perfect audience
Finding the perfect audience.

In terms of effective communication, we communicate with people whom we have established rapport i.e. best friends or family members.

In the same fashion, to be an effective marketer one needs to know his audience very well. If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience.

Or we can also reframe this as the ace of everything is master of none holds.

Therefore we have discussed carving out the niche in Week 1 i.e. riches are in the niches.

You need to talk to a bunch of people so that maximum information is extracted from them and process the information to get the customer avatar for your niche.

How to define your target customer?

defining your target customer
Defining your target customer.

Carving out the niche out of your visitors is done by two methods:

  • Demographics– Age, location, where is their native, the level of education, their pain points, etc.
  • Psychographics– what they like, what they fear, what do they consume in entertainment, etc.

From getting the inputs on these parameters you as a marketer can decide how your target customer. A potential customer has questions about his problems in his mind. Therefore try to join the conversation rather than creating one.

This is where knowing your target customer helps you in bounds. Try to communicate with them via messaging or email rather than public post on social media platforms Facebook.

Please try to maintain a flow in your message/email:

The headline, first-line related to headline, the second line related to the first line and so on.

Focus on the centre, not on the border

focus in the center
Focus in the center.

Focussing on the centre is all about the nurturing your customer avatar/target customer only by creating content for them. When you try to be everything for everyone, you won’t be anything to anyone. 

As you move away from the centre it will dilute.

This is demonstrated by Deepak in a small survey during the Week 2 session.

Assignment: Creating the customer avatar

The result of customer avatar submissions on Google forms.

Link: https://forms.gle/wRR8dTeT399Ra1AL7

I got on to with speak with few of them I got the customer avatar as follows-

  • Vishvesh Mehra(Fictional) 27 years old HR employee in Bangalore has been an average performer during his school days and MBA in finance. 
  • He is an introvert person who enjoys going on solo trips and uses an android cell phone.
  • He has a sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity and meditation. He is very much fond of fast foods and has a hectic lifestyle.
  • He reads self-improvement books except academic material.
  • He is unhappy the way his life is proceeding right now.

On completion of this exercise, I have attained a clear picture of my target audience and how to establish better communication with my potential customers more effectively.

After niche selection and defining customer avatar, I am more excited to know what’s up there in the upcoming session.

Before signing off I have something to share with you related to the previous week. 

the payment for completing the assignment
The payment for completing the assignment.

The payment is made for Week 1, yayi! One down, nine more to go.

See you next Week 3 folks.

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