3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak: Week 1

I am an absolute fresher in the field of Digital Marketing. Completed the basic certifications required to be called as a Digital Marketer. Deep within I knew I don’t have hands-on experience of this field and by God’s grace I found Digital Marketing Internship Program from DigitalDeepak. Here one can primarily get the hands-on experience in it. Introduction of the paid internship with chance to recover the investment by completing the assigned tasks in timely fashion made me register for this program. A brief introduction of Deepak Kanakaraju, a pioneer in Digital Marketing in Bangalore and co-founder of PixelTrack Digital Pvt Ltd.

digital marketing
Digital Marketing

The key take away from Week 1 session:

Deepak starts with the topic named “Finding the Gold”

niche is your gold
Niche is your gold!

With the ever-expanding market, we as marketers need to choose a niche and compete to avail the market opportunity. Many create products and services, then move into marketing which isn’t viable in the present scenario. Deciding where to compete determines half of your success by Peter F. Drucker. He says to fix an existing problem with your products and services thereby it fits in the market so well that no need for marketing is required. Consumers buy it themselves from us.

The ever-expanding market.

Deepak beautifully explains this with an example of new products coming in a consumer’s hands thereby expanding more number of opportunities. A person buys a car therefore the buyer might go for up-gradation of an audio system, dashboard, buying car wash, seats and whatnot. We need to identify such new needs in Digital Marketing niche, which also has several niches like SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc in itself for creating more revenue channels.

A little bit of Global Economics.

With the increase in the average age of the country, the opportunities will increase because the average spending have increased. The buyer buys more and more the money reaches to different people. Now, in case of a recession, it happens due to two reasons.

1. Reduction in productivity due to famine and epidemic.

2. People start to repay their loan which in turn money supply starts shrinking and total money in the economy declines.

But the only thing that is recession-proof is quality or really good value for money. People will always pay for the quality and the better part is that recession like a disease destroys the weakest. The strong one’s service and they flourish more because the weak ones have been removed from the competition. All we need is to apply all the principles of business.

Key skill: Communication

Marketing is a two-way process i.e. not only telling about the potential customers about your products or services but listening to them as feedback for further improvement in your products or services. Therefore the amount of wealth one person is the strength of the communication one has. From Digital Marketing point of view, Marketing is the core skill that’s needed to be mastered. Being digital is just a mode of marketing, therefore with time people are more into the technical aspects compromising the basics of marketing which will inhibit our overall performance of being a Marketer.

I learned the 4 major actions one can take if he/she wants to improve his/her communication skills:

  1. Reading a book- Start spending at least 30 minutes of your day by reading a book.
  2. Listening to a podcast- Start spending 30–45 minutes daily to improve your listening skills.
  3. Writing -Start developing a habit of writing. This is the basic method of generating new contents.
  4. Watching English sitcoms- This will not only improve your grasp over the language but also help you develop an interest in various topics.

What is the future of Digital Marketing?

automation in digital marketing
Automation in Digital Marketing

With the curiosity of an Indian- What is the scope of Digital Marketing? And with ever-increasing automation in every aspect of our lives, it makes this question more serious! This was answered beautifully by Deepak that Digital Marketing will not die because marketing won’t die. As the products and services keep increasing in number, the need for marketing will increase forever. Now coming to Artificial Intelligence overtaking Digital Marketing, automation is there in Email Marketing, Social Media and queries from customers. But they can’t strike the two-way process of communication, making out what is supposed to be amended in the existing system of the products and services for bettering it.

Niche research

Niche, narrow segment of the market, is supposed to be found out by a particular marketer.

As beautifully put by Deepak-

· If you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one.

· The narrower the focus, the higher the profits.

This means finding the problems in the system and how could you probably provide a solution to it. If you couldn’t find the solution, then “Scratch your itch”

The method which can help you to find these profitable niches are finding the keywords and their search volumes online- Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Moz, Ahref, SEMRush and many more. With Google, Trends helps with hot search topics across the globe. Higher purchase intent will indicate more marketing opportunity.  Summing this up-Keywords related to your niche, Search volumes of the keywords, long-tail keywords and the article that could be written on these keywords would suffice.

Course Structure

This course is a 3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program by DigitalDeepak spanning over 12 weeks of hands-on approach of Digital Marketing on its basic. The top performers will be getting to work on live projects. This is a paid internship and one can earn back his/her investment by completing the weekly tasks in a time-bound manner.

This mainly focuses on Integrated Digital Marketing:

· Content Marketing

· Social Media Marketing

· Search Engine Optimisation

· Email Marketing

· Paid Advertisements

· Sales and Conversion

With this, all my major mental roadblocks removed to start a new journey in Digital Marketing with Deepak and his team.

Stay tuned for Week 2

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